Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Home is where your Friends are.

This kid is funny and has the most beautiful legs.

Me and the big boss, the celebrity on campus. She is going to be mad if she sees the caption I guess.

First time went out with favorite girls on Earth, my high school people. It has been just 3 months since last summer we met, but however it always nice to meet them - and there are zillion things to talk, 3 hours ain't enough. Before I left home, I found a serious problem on what outfits should I wear since I left my whole wardrobe in Duino, I just completely forgot to bring them all back. I went home with only 3 tops, 2 pairs of trousers a dress and some heavy clothes that I never wear there, fortunately I left some clothes last summer. Anyway, we went to this shopping street in Tebet, to have lunch and talk about life after fully never met for 3 months. I ate this very spicy fried duck, which I could not find in Italy, , man I am loosing the skill of eating spicy food.

The good news is everybody's home. Apart from one our loveliest friend, Nini who studies in Canada. But all the "American" students are home this winter. Tutti, tutti, anchi'o! Yeah, it is going to be a bit awkward seeing all my friends in universities and I am just applying this year - but the good thing is that I feel motivated to meet them next year in United States! Another good news is we are meeting again this 23rd December - at a Christmas lunch held by one of our good friends.

I love to be around with friends, even in this busiest and most needed-writing-essays-time like this. And that's the point of going home, spending time with people you love, righty righty?

There are always thousands things happening in that small little gadget.

At the end we went to another sushi restaurant, after eating the duck and durian gelati!

source: Cynthia's cammy.

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