Saturday, 18 December 2010

Something That is Needed

Hello, I am finally home for winter break. This time I just need to be home to finish my university ,unlike last year I stayed in Europe, and I enjoyed it so much, Europe is the most wonderful land during Natale . It gets me excited (college life!) yet nervous - I need to start working on my essays and supplements, I need to finish these supplement as soon as possible. Talking about essays and supplements, I need to make an art supplement even tough I am not applying to any schools of design, but I think it is really a great chance to tell the colleges your talents. I found my self connected with photography. It is new tough, since last year I got a SLR camera from my father, however in JHS and SHS I was famous as this girl who always walks with her pocket camera. And as I entered a higher education level especially in this international school so called United World College, I get lot of chances to enhance my hobbies. What makes me happier, as a beginner, I got so many credits and compliments from people loving my photos. It motivates me more and more. I think I have this artistic potential, but for now I haven't thought of focusing on it - since I want to do so many things and I still need to learn a lot!

I have been working on my art supplement since this morning. I make kind of fashion pages on from my photo shoot with my Slavic twins, two of my best friends in the college. Fashion page is a real good combination of showing your skill on photography, concept making, styling, design and words-play, all together - and moreover combining them as an eye catching pages. Very interesting! One of my another best friends who is pretty artsy and is applying to art schools told me that I should consider to take Photojournalist in the college, since she saw me capable of taking picture and giving a suitable title on it, it is indeed considerable since I would love to learn more about Journalism with a combination of Political Science and Economics - see I just want to do so many things in life. And this is also why colleges in the USA such a perfect destination for me since we are allowed to learn as much as we want not specifically to a major at the beginning.

Later in this post, I will show you some of 300 photos that have been selected to fill the fashion pages, but not the page. I don't think it is quite proper to put it here, it is like putting your personal statement on your blog, ridiculous. Apart from it, I have issues with originality, I feel like lately some of my styles and ideas were copied by some people that have common interests like I do - so you know, it is indeed unpleasant knowing someone kind of steal my fruit of thoughts again.

The general theme of the pages is about something you need. Something you need in life in order to make you survive; love, friendship, happiness and also education! Have to tell you something that one of my photos won the UN Chronicle Picture Education Photo Contest 2010. And it makes me proud, obviously it is a UN people who decided it.

All right, if I got accepted to one of seven universities that I am applying, I will send post the photos. The notification will be on March tho and you know, time's ticking so fast.
Bye for now.

I like the way she smiles in this photo, and how the sun projects to her hair.

I love her laugh. She is the toughest and kind-hearted girl in the college!

This photo remind me a lot of Gossip Girls.

p.s: I will try to make more photo sessions if I have time, since so many other things interest me .

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