Friday, 2 July 2010

USA Independence's Day Reception

I just went back from the reception of National Day of The USA at Four Season. It was nice. Sometimes my mom asked me to go with my dad. So, as usual dad told me to stay somewhere and I was just walking around looking for the food - but it hasn't started yet, because the Ambassador hasn't given his speech. I was so bored. I went to this table there were three men this young man with a lousy POLO SHIRT look like - this is so embarassing, didn't his dad tell him that this was such a really official event that if you were invited you are honoured? ANYWAY, I was in a complete bored. So, I decided to talk with this un-tidy man.
"Has the Ambasador given the speech?"
"No, not yet" - well it wasn't in English. Then it was started, with a flag color something ceremony I forgot.

Then I told him, I liked to go to this kind of party but I dislike if I had no one to talk, but usually I always just randomly mingle and find people, I mean I don't want to end up, sclupturized. Then I told him when I studied and I was having my summer break, last year I was flattered because I studied in this all girl best school and now because of this international school from student all over the world. How big is God! And we talked, suddenly he asked - "Do you have a cell-phone number?". And I said "I'm sorry, I don't remember my number" what the heck we were just talking for less than 15 minutes and you asked my number? That scares me.

Absolutely, I like this game that you asked somebody helped, not ask but more like use at the end when he wished something you pretend that you are really sorry that you cant give what he wants. Sorry to say, but it's so much fun to see a guy desire something from you! I am not mean, but sometimes we as girls have to put a higher standard, and that boy was not good looking - plus you know what I realized that he wore a pair of SANDALS! Goddamit!

Three meters left from me, there was this cute bronze haired man who was alone. I think he is on my age. He was wearing a greenish shirt with a black tie - well If I can say the truth, I wish the boy who was talking to me were him. He is manered. All in the checklist! I should have talked to him, random shit like - "Is your father talking with his colleuges too? Are you American? Or do you know how long this party will be?" Rut you stupid! After that reception we went to another wedding. Oh this is important - that they provide a Starbucks booth in the outer room, then we asked for two Frappucinos, with extra caramel. Yummy! Well I am excited to go to this one reception, because I really want to study in the USA after graduating from high school.

Ok then, when I arrived my uncle and aunt were watching footbal with my brother and mom. My uncle is so funny, he said random shits making fun of both team. He was on Brazil's side, unfortunately they lost. I saw my friend's FB status, he said MAYBE BLUE IS A BAD LUCK COLOR, look at Japan, France, Italy and now Brazil!

Ok then, tomorrow I am going to Lemabang, a very nice place in West Jave - in a mountain area. We've booked three bungalows. The resort is famous for its hot water spring pool. I went there again with my mother's big family. Hope it's gonna be great, it is gonna be great. I'll keep update!

p.s: I've planned to do my Extended Essay there, hope with the fresh air and beautiful view, my imagination works so well.

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