Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Take Care

I've used do many tisues, for this cause.

Hello, pals! I've been ill. Since yesterday, after coming back from shopping and a meeting with the Indonesian UWC students. I still hava good news tho, that I am the President of Indonesian UWC Students 2010-2011, seems pretty cool eh? Well, basically, I organised social activities for this year and maintaine all the relationship between the Indonesian UWC students. It was a voting. And another good news is a I bought so many cute tops. Yiha! All right just a message, take care of urself! The weather is pretty bad! Don't let your self get into flu! And tonight I am going to a musical drama by KOMPAS one of the former newspaper in Indonesia. They celebrate their ages anniversary. Hope it'll be great! Because the director is Garin Nugraha! I'll report you guys soon!

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