Wednesday, 7 July 2010

DIANA Merajut Nusantara

The show was opened by Jakoeb Oetama, the founder speech

The founder, he is as old as my grandpa

Ario Wahab, leading actor

"Merajut Nusantara (Weaving/Knitting the Mother Land-Indonesia) because... It has 17.508 islands ...2000 years of tradition ....3250 dances ....483 distinct cultures..."

A country full of conflict

The band played a song, a funky song with an 80s music a lil bit swingy and jazzy. The story was about a band who performs in a region that has conflict name Tilore. And there is this infotainment MC who falls in love with the vocalist follows them there. She finds out that actually the vocalist is crazy about a girl from that region, whose father is the leader of the opposition movement. And as you know it was full of sadness, drama. Once until that region girl replaced the position of the drummer - then the band broke up! See, how a woman can control some men! We got the power!!

Sheila was so stunning!

The best part was the part when the girl realized that the boy didn't love her, then she cried, it was raining the dancers came with umbrellas. The stage was looking so soft and blue. The story wasn't great, I can say at the beginning I expected a really asthoning one


The real face of the country

All of the sudden, the drama was unreasonably become religious

She is darn pretty!

The actress who plays as the infotainment MC is Sheila Marcia, she is a model. She just revealed from jail drugs case, things that I want to emphasize is people always treat them who just being free from jail with closed eyes. But I think it's a tough thing to be back to the society when people treat them unequally. But this girl rock. She proved that she is rehearsed and able to be a normal. I was amazed, she sang pretty well, I never knew that. I adore her, she is one of my favorite models. She is beautiful, as she is..

I don't know how the edning went, because we left before it's over - the story wasnt that interesting. But the music was amazing. I think the composer was great, it was all supported with a really good sound system, all sound so real. The setting of the stage was also bazaar. The lightning was perfect, the costume is so catchy. Remind me of Moulin Rouge. Happy 45th Anniversary Kompas! Hope in the future I can contribute to this newspaper, as the matter of fact I really want to be a great writer and journalist!

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