Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Factory Outlet Shopping

Bandung has changed. It is one of the best shopping town in Indonesia, that thing doesn't change, but something about factory outlets. It's no more famous for factory outlets anymore but another clothing line like Fragrance, Adity and many more. But last Sunday, after our holiday in Lembang, we stopped by to The Heritage one of the firsties factory outlet in Bandung. I only bought two thing - not so many, because the products were pretty random and not so my type. But I got two okeish top. I found them in BOY'S FLOOR - I love the boys collection better that the women, so mother-like and Hongkong style. A t-shirt and shirt. I love the shirt,
it's like a BF's shirt- I love the color. It's Ralph Lauren and it's made in Indonesia. Yay!

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