Thursday, 27 August 2009


I think Michelle Obama is a great figure about inner beauty. She got a power, so that people would respect and love her. All I want is just to be like her. And if it's possible, her postition, "First Lady" hahaha =) No, I'll be the President hahahaha

Something unwanted happened to me today. I went to a hairstylist named Joe Armani, and I brought the pictures. Ok, then she cut my hair. I did tell her, please don't cut my hair too short. And she said ok, I would, it's only 2 cm, she said. Well, when it was going to over, I just kinda realize that IT WAS TOO SHORT, IT WAS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED! I really wanted to cry and shouted that time. And I finally I cried on the car on the way home. God why did happen to me?!

Those story happened this morning, but now it's 9 p.m. Everything has changed. When I was on my way to buy webcam and the gadgets, I reflected what had happened. A quote from Kahlil Gibran appeared in my mind, one of my favourite quote, which is "Beauty is not in the face, is a light in the heart". Then at that time I feel so stupid, why I wasted my energy just to crying. Mom also told me, "Darling, it's not about your hair,it's about your brain. Hair is just hair,". Even that for me hair isn't just hair and everthing isn't just everything. But the most important thing is that I DONT WANT THIS FEELING RUIN MY EXCITEMENT OF GOING CONTINUING LIFE IN UWCAd. And I was so ashamed, crying hard is so not me. I am tough, brave, unbreakable, unbeatable. How could an easy thing like this ruined my mood.

And one of my friend said to me this words "Tenang Ruth~~ Mau panjang mau pendek, yang namanya cantik tetap cantik koq~

Cheers~~" If I translate it in English would be "Don't worry Ruth, Even short or long, You are always beautiful.." Nocturne Prince aka Vonny.

Yeah, Rut, you go. Remember again, beauty isnt in the face!! I will let my inner beauty talks! <3

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