Saturday, 15 August 2009

Continuing Life in Italy!

UWCAd, I think I am Ready, ready for you!

Isn't beautiful. Studying surounded the Adriatic Sea. Bellisima!

This is where I'm going continuing my life, UNITED WORLD COLLEGE OF ADRIATIC, Duino, Trieste, Italy. Well I prefer to say continuing life than continuing my study, because I believe it's not all about study, but this is about how I will see, learn, experience things. Things that maybe I have never known their existence, things that are really new for me, things that would open my mind wider and richer. See their mission . . ."United World Colleges is a unique organisation. It is the only global educational NGO that brings students together from all over the world, selected from within their own countries, on merit and regardless of their ability to pay. These students come together at one of twelve United World Colleges (UWC) that aim to foster international understanding and peace." Wow, I am so lucky! This is what I've been dreaming of since I was in Junior High School (it was the moment when I already knew what I wanted to be, do in life). At that time, I imagined having a lot of friend from all over the world. And now, it was not just an imagination, it's a reality, real! In my UWC application essay I wrote that I want to inspire the youth, specially Indonesian youth. I wrote that I want to make a journal, and this blog would be the follow up. So, I hope you like it and got inspired! CIAO!

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