Thursday, 27 August 2009


Me and my bestfriends on GF Jan 2009

Yay! Ipods are in our hands! +)

Me on the latest Gadis Magazine, Aug week 2

Well well, I think I become addicted to write everything in my blog. I just love to write and I think writing is a right way to help me organizing my ideas. Since I was in Elementary School, I often to write letter to a magazine called Bobo. It's a kid magazine. I love to write poem about my family. Or sending my poems to Arif ( A questionaire bulletin that sold for all ES in Indonesia, and mine was appeared there) I loved to draw in my bedroom wall (upsy, I think this is an exception) haha. When I got into JHS, I wrote more seriously. My first article called "Wisata Pacitan" appeared into Jakarta top's afternoon daily magazine called Sinar Harapan =) I was so proud.

And when I got into High School, things are getting more serious. I often write Readers Letter in still Sinar Harapan and The Jakarta Post ( Morning Daily Newspaper) about my opinion. I also write some electronic articles, it is somehow easier, I mean it is easy to find them. You can goolge it up if you want to. ( hahahaha i often google my self)

But I am not also that serious. There are some Teen Magazines that have my name on it. For example Gadis Magazine, Girlfriend Indonesia ( OMG Everything starts with G) Funny.

Yay, I just want to write. I want to make my own novel, I want to be a columnist about law ( I want to be a lwayer) and I WANT TO MAKE A HISTORY TO TELL =)

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