Friday, 20 July 2012

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

July 19 2012 - was the first time I read this novel. I remember on the Metro, that Thursday morning when I was on the metro to office. I was in love with this book, every word of it.

"I never expected to fall in love with you, but I did" Matt.

Page 4.
Katie slipped down farther into the water, and found herself thinking back to the day she had received the diary -- July 19.

It's a coincidence that I first read this book on July 19. And the main character's name - Katie, my little nick name -- Kathie. I went further and realized this book portraits much of my summer in DC.

Meeting this very laid-back and know-how-to-play guy and the other one very serious and intellectually-stimulating.  Which do I prefer? I like both. But that are some sentences in the book can tell about how I feel.

I know this might sound silly, or worse, but I liked just being in the car with (him). I looked at him and thought, Hey I'm with this guy and he's very nice. We are out looking for an adventure. I hadn't felt like that in a long time. I missed it. (p.67)

He was taller than she was -- she guessed about six foot two, He had a good nose and strong looking chin, and everything about his face held together extremely well, like one of his (sharp thoughts). His hair was (curlish), sandy brown, clean and lustrous. He had a deep working-man's tan. He smiled at something hopefully not her height or her gawkiness or the goofy look on her face -- but she liked him, anyway. What was there not to like? (p.78)

But the truth is p.67 shows interest and p.78 does not. Well I guess you know which page I am going with this weekend? I want page p.78 but I don't want to be seem clingy.

I thank my coworker, Erna Wiasih to borrow me the book. Sometimes you just need that small coincidence to have you read the book. Boy, where have I been the whole time missing this book?

Kiss and Love,



  1. an interesting blog, i really love what you have shared in your blog.
    I'm Fenny, nice to visit your blog.

    1. Hi Fenny! Glad to hear that! Come visit anytime :)

  2. Hi Fenny! Glad to hear that! Come visit anytime :)


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