Monday, 9 April 2012

Don't Waste your Youth Growing Up!

Young and free

Full of energy

Don't let people tame you down

Life is meaningless without sense of humour

Ready to face the future

Not afraid to fall!

Always try something new!

Never regret!

What I am wearing:
Leather-j: Old Navy
Top: August Silk
Short: Forever21
Shoes: H&M
Belt and hairband: stores in Waverly

If I had to choose what kind of clothes I would rather to wear everyday, I would definitely go with the clothes that I wore in all these pictures: reckless, young,  and free! Reminds me a lot of the era of 70's and 80's. But you know, Waverly weather is pretty unpredictable, better to keep myself warm!

I think all the pictures that Phoebe took captured all the energy I have. When we were doing the "photofashion" -- (hey I just made up a word! ), I was just jumping around for more than ten times in one click (is it possible?). Take a look also picture of Phoebe and me here.

I love being young, but not afraid to grow up too! 


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