Monday, 26 March 2012

Phoebe Wang

I cannot wait to reveal Phobe's photo shoot today, while I am figuring out how to do class registration (but I think I am gonna do it tomorrow morning). She is my first person to be modeling with me here in the U.S. 

The photosession was pretty spontaneous. I just texted her the night before. And we walked so far away until the first tunnel. I told her that, it was not that far. But the thing that I forgot, the last time I went to that place by bike. Obviously, it was not that far by bike. 

I really like her face. She said that she also loved to take pictures.  It reminds me of Alexander Wang's model, the different is; she has shorter hair. She also has a really cute style a mix of Harajuku and classic. But then when I asked her what her style is she said, "Old fashioned". I was surprised. 

Plus, she is going to be my roomate too next year. And we already planned so many things together about home decoration and fashion. 

And I am hunting for more people to collaborate with! Next time it could be you!


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