Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hello Sunday: Teaser!

Warm up first

"Okay, it's four times"
Phoebe said "Let's do serious but funny pose"

Before heading back to have lunch

We ended up having hotdog for lunch because we did not make it to mensa

This week I am so into blogging, and so taking pictures. So last night I came up with a instant plan to do a photo session. I am back taking pictures of people! So I told my friend slash future roomate Phoebe to go with me this morning at 10:00. Apparently I forgot to turned my alarm on - but she knocked on my door at around 9:10, and voila it only took me 20 minutes to get ready! So we walked to the bridge near the Waverly Trail area and walked 2 km away until the tunnel.

Glad there was not so many people, I guess people were at the church. These are just teasers, more pictures of me and Phoebe will come very soon!

We took many good pictures! I am so glad I am back taking pictures. I will upload them soon.
My weekends for the next two months will be amazing!



  1. well. I knocked your door at about 10:10!! haha

  2. This is me stalking you Love it Ruthypants. Really lovely pics :)

  3. You stalker!
    But I love you. I know it's Ziyanda Mthetwa!

    1. hehe... of course you love You know i love you too :)
      And you spelled my name wrong. Imagine?! i have a good mind not to like your work anymore for jk


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