Friday, 30 March 2012

My Morning Elegance

Catch me if you can

She can forget what you say, but she won't forget how you make her feel.

It was an elegant morning! I never woke up early in the morning on Sunday to take pictures and put some lipstick on. All these pictures were taken by Phoebe. She has no experience with SLR camera, but it was not a big deal to teach and direct her how to use it. And the rest is all about Photoshoping! Tomorrow I will be taking picture for the Iowa Writing Center Conference 2012! Yep, Wartburg is the host this year! And can't wait for Saturday to take pictures for our new blog Ruthie Meets Phoebe - click it and check it out! And if you want to see picture of Phoebe's photo-session click here.

Good night world!


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