Saturday, 26 November 2011

Fragrance of Christmas

I can smell Christmas already. Firstly, It is positive, that me and my friends from high school are going to spend our Christmas in Boolingbrook, Illinois, a suburb 30 minutes from downtown Chicago. We are staying in my-far-away grandparents, this must not make sense for Americans how anyone who is in the same level with my grandparents are called grandparents instead of great uncle or great aunt. So, there will be a high school reunion in the United States. Two are from San Fransisco and one is from Iowa.

Secondly, I added my wardrobe collection from our shopping spree last Black Friday. I just got five new pair of clothes and a pair of shoes, and a speaker. We did not really have enough time to shop, since we went in a big group. But, it does not matter, I know that Christmas sale is coming and I will be in Chicago for that, so more options, more stores, more stylish city! Excellent.

In 5 days we are entering December, while I already listed 7 big tasks to accomplish before winter break. I hope my first Christmas in the United States would be amazing!

I put the pictures of the clothes I bought, but I did not show the details until Christmas!! Be curious!

I am not yet familiar with American brand. But, I definitely heart Ronson! by Charlotte Ronson

BISOUS BISOUS by Michelle Bohbot. The designs are pretty exclusive too.

Another pair of Bisous Bisous. Something furry for Winter.

Found this cute top at TjMaxx

And this patent Union Bay shoes.

Little fragrances from The Body Works.

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