Sunday, 12 June 2011

High School Accomplished!

Hello I am posting this from home! I am back since two days ago. The trip went well with one huge and two medium suitcases. The suitcases have been accumulated, supposedly only carried two but the other one was a bonus from my Europe Vacation - if you know what I meant.

So after the gradution which was on May 24, the day I flew to Zurich, Switzerland, visiting my great aunt, Oma Lydia - continued to Paris and Amsterdam (it took me to many places to visit them).

The trip was a graduation gift kind of from my parents. After all, 4 years in high school, two years in SMA Santa Ursula and another two years in United World College of Adriatic - I graduated!

I can't wait to be in university! Wartburg College in Iowa!
Here are some pictures from graduation!

The Madrigal Choir opened the Closing Ceremony. Last time to sing all together with also Stefano, il maestro.

Our super patient and lovely and funny Mathematics teacher, Julius Krajnak (read: Yulius)

Chicas! Some of my favorite people in the college!

Me and my bestfriend. We finally spoke up (instead of made up, we never really broke up we just didn't talk for a while hahaha)

Mike Price's tutorial group, all second years: Marko, Rafaela, me and Alex Mair.

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