Monday, 16 May 2011

Like A Bird

Group of birds flying in Duino.

Rome, Villa Borghesse, I won't erase its beauty but you.

I hate to wait you in anxiety and hopefulness. When you understand and realise, it's too little too late. I don't wait, I fly. I am free.

There are still so many free birds out there whose feathers are better than yours
Whose wings are strongers than yours, who can fly higher than you, whose heart are more humble than yours.

I am like a bird, you have to catch me, put me in a cage - or you would not have me, forever.

This is a goodbye. I will let the few memories of you fly. I would never go down to
the land, and to you. I hope you wont regret, because I don't. See you in the other sky.

Rut Nastiti

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