Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Keep Calm

This poster is the output of my creativity last night which is equally a distraction of my studying program, KEEP CALM! It is only 12 days to my first subject of IB exam which is Philosophy. I am looking forward to do the philosophical papers than any subjects I have here, Math scares the "hello" out of me, Biology is a lot of memorizing and Economics; will have an intense relationship with diagrams.

But there is no reason to panic. Panicking will just make things worse. It is always going to be fine - at the very end. For me, I have no better options since I haven't really started a serios revision, need to catch up over the long weekend and study week tho.

If I compare to the National Exam that all my friends had last year, they were prepared and guided with intense exercises for three months, but here specifically a week, or plus some weeks after Project Week. But my philosophy is the process is also considerably important, it's better to learn that to study. You see the different?

So, everybody ready for IB exam? KEEP CALM!

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