Sunday, 20 March 2011

Mens Sana in Corpore Sano 2011

Shama and Prashant, Shama's Team won.

Prashant in action

In dodge ball, you have to start like this.

Victor fell for several time during dodge ball.

Grab the ball, grab the ball!

Rope jumping!

Volley ball players

At the end, they are the champion

Italians in action

Life in the college has been really colorful this period, the spring spirit festivise everything. After trial exam, Project Week, Amnesty Open Mike, Prom with the Blues Brothers and just today we had a Sport Festival. Thao from Vietnam is the concept-maker or quipper.I remember her first mass email regarding this mentioned how in Asian Schools we have this kind of sport festival usually after exam ends.

Started at 9.30 with Duino run – followed with so many activities until 5pm. There were badminton, ping-pong, soccer, dodgeball, American football, tug-of-war,rope-jumpimg, three-legged run (so typical Asian games), volleyball and basketball – closing by Award Ceremony in Auditorium.

The festival had brought the togetherness feeling of the college again. Many students participated, only few caught in day room or library – I heard there would be a HL Biology test on Monday? In general it is true that IB is demanding, however tho this kind of activity is I think the part of our UWCness, which also intersect with the CAS requirement.

I should have played badminton, but I woke up late – since I only had a little bit energy after Mantova Cultural Visit. Also supposed to play Basketball (a sport that I have been vacuumed for two years – because again, I fell asleep), also the fact we were missing members of team.

Congratulations for all the champions! And also my Vietnamese prima, Thao and her organiser members! Some suggestion, I think next time there would be a good sound system that’ll play cool music to boost up the crowd and doing it by class or block will be better organized!

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