Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy 150 Years Birthday Italy!

March 17, 2011 (17032011)

I believe it is not just an ordinary sequence of numbers for the Italians since they are celebrating the 150 years of the resurgence or Il Risorgimento - or the unification of the Italian Peninsula. It reminds me of the Venice Carnival's theme from Sissi to Senso - the unification is drawn from the ex-Austrian territory (for example our city: Trieste) to southern Italy such as Sardinia, Sicily and Naples.

We had classes today, as I know that all the Italian students are having a national holiday, unlike us. But it was really nice to have such a special assembly or INA kind of given by our History teacher, Eunice Price (who is also the author of one of the History IB Diploma Course Companion) about the Italian-ness of Italy since 117 AD.

The President of the college was also there to answer some questions, many Italian students critically asked about the recent political situation and some kind of distinction of the North part and the South Part of the Italy. But the President believes that there won't be any kind of separation between the South and the North - they are all one - Italians.

At the end, all the Italians: students, teachers and staff sang the national anthem. I was surprised some of my teachers who as I know aren't Italians joined too, apparently they also have Italian passports eversince they have been living in this country for such a long period and blend themselves into the culture.

I was actually thinking I would love to have one too - I love this country. And again passport does not define your nationality, instead it gives you more accessibility and opportunity. I was also thinking it would be nice if one has a chance to choose their nationality based on the country that they feel suit them the most, or draws them. If I got a chance to have an Italian passport - I would NOT deny! This country is beautiful moreover some of the cultures are a little bit similar with home: the family values, togetherness, the food, the cell-phones some of the bureaucracy problems too. Also the fact that Indonesia is divided into 31 regions and each region has their own languanges (dialects) but we are all united with one language Indonesian.

There was also a video that closed the celebration, it was about how the UWCAD students think about Italy. They basically said so many beautiful words, descriptions and they are just grateful to be here. I could not imagine if I were in the other UWC college, I suppose the cultural experience I get would be really different maybe none. And I think that what makes this college special, the location - in Italy.

Italian students who were dressing up: Rosalba, Marta, Francessco

Italian shoes I assume - or at least worn by the Italians

Italian faces

Our Historian, Eunice Price

The President, Mr. Facco Bonetti

p.s: On the unification day found out that my article about Venice Carnival will be published as feature in The Jakarta Post either tomorrow Saturday or Monday!! Will be soon post articles about our Project Week in Sardegna and the Long Weekend in the capital city of Italy - what's that? ROME!!

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