Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Blue Skies are Calling

I am happy. Since I think, I could do well on my Economics and Biology test, eventho before I thought I would not do it well ever-since I was so mentally tired last night after catching up with an article and materials that I have to send for an English local newspaper in Jakarta. I know which pictures that I would send and therefore will share the other pictures here really soon.

Things morning when I woke up, I felt like dressing up. In fact that I thought "To success or to fail in my trials today, I will be in my best clothes!" also tomorrow is the last day of Trial, and Sardinia is so up for Friday.

I also felt happy that since I put an album on Facebook about spring, many of my friends in Facebook started to utter "Spring is here", "the blossom of Spring and many more," in their statuses or photos. I felt watched which is really nice.

However, Duino is a place that is blast by Bora. The wind has been blowing up intensely strong in three days. It sometimes creates voices that are similar with someone who is listening to a eclectic music. So, cold - like ever. The temperature is actually nice, but the wind.

Can't wait for tomorrow - the last day of trial. Then we are flying tu Nuoro, Sardegna for Project Week then Rome. I will have the best consecutive weekends in my life, after the Venice Carnival last Saturday. I am grateful.


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