Friday, 1 October 2010

Women College, Why Not?

Hillary Clinton is a notable alumnae from The Wellesley College, the college is coming here at the end of October.

Yesterday morning, I just had an interview with Mount Holyoke, a women liberal art college in the United State, rated as 5th Best Woman College in USA by Forbes 2009. The college came to our school (United World College of Adriatic) the day before and giving a general presentation. There were also other four colleges/universities which were Skidmore College, University of Richmond, University of Wesleyan and Carleton College. It was my first time attending a presentation too, since two weeks ago when beforehand Macalister came to the college I was in Germany therefore I couldn’t come. Skidmore and Mount Holyoke called my interest the most. Since Ken the man from Skidmore said that their college was good at journalism and writing which I want to study, and Mount Holyoke, since it is a woman college. Darcy is the young woman who came from Mt. Holyoke, an alumnae and staff, to be honest when she hadn’t said anything I didn’t know that Mount Holyoke was a women college, but after she said that, I said “That’s the reason why she looks so independent and smart”. I have reasons why. I studied in a girl high school in Jakarta its age is 150 years, my junior high school used to be a girl school too, but they went co-ed, so I am familiar with this thing. Since I entered junior high school I had planned and prepared myself to go to my former high school (as I remember I was not accepted for its junior high). My reason to study there is I know that school, if I can mention name it is Santa Ursula High School, will give me the best education in the country and will prepare me as a young, socially intelligent and independent woman to lead the future, therefore that would be again my reason to make an application to a woman college this year.

You don’t need to ask how independent a young lady in a woman institution can be. To decide studying in a school with no gentlemen is already such the boldest decision ever made. This might be the worry of every dad in the world, which also my dad’s, because he knows me as a daughter who never had a relationship with boys, which is not right. He knew that some boys have tried to get into me but I attached to none since I just put a little bit higher standard from an already decent level. We woman and man, cannot deny that in this age is when the most attraction occurs. This period is the moment to get the most fun in life, but still there are so many ways to spend a fun time. I don’t know how this perception about men are stronger than women in the Western World perceived, but for me, in a girls school that stereotype is no longer true. We, women are as strong as men, we move our heavy tables, chairs, we do as good sport as men do, technically we don’t necessarily need man for that kind of occasion, we can do it ourselves And one more important thing is our brain is as heavy as man or moreover heavier. Well at least I can say it my former school that we are always at the highest rank for the National Examination in the country compare to another good all boys school and public schools. Why we can do that? Because we know when we go to school we want to study, not to flirt with boys or seeking for attention. We get enough attention from the other girls who physically compliment us; we love everybody's dresses, style, hairpins, watches, and bags.

From my writing, you might get an impression that woman in a girl institution doesn’t have interaction with boys, who says? Well I think, studying in a school like that gave us opportunity to expand our networking outside and be friends with anybody. I would like to tell this, sometimes another students feel reluctant to be friends with us because they think we are girls with very top standards and all, which is not hundred percent true. There are also thousands of events that facilitate all schools to at least meet and see each other like sport, music and scientific events. Many students who study in a co-educational school go along more with their own gender and form a group based on a gender.

But this is a university; it is not just high school? Well then again back to the aim of going to a school, college or university is to get the best education, learn as much as we can and built up a contagious community. Are you afraid on not getting a boyfriend in your age 20s? Let me tell you something, or maybe this what I learn from my high school, a man respects woman with a deep thought, good manner and leadership skill, which a woman institution always prepared their students for. We, women have to be well prepared to argue, dominate, lead and to raise up another women. In every woman college without doubt, we are prepared to be a future leader not only to be ready to face the future. We are prepared to be a woman who will be able to bring change in community and worldwide. We are prepared to be a real ‘woman on top’ in the field that we are going to work at. So, girls, woman college, why not?

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