Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Old Fashioned Love

That´s the sweetest thing that one had done for me. Maybe there are some too, but I don´t remember, since it happened last February this year. Not that I want to spoil the memory, but I just found this photo on my
tumblr dashboard. Yeah so the story was this guy asked me to be his girlfriend last Valentine, even tho he was refused. But when it comes to things like love, I can say I am a more old fashion lover girl, in a way I will be happier if someone ask me to be my boyfriend to live a relationship, that´d be really sweet so that we will celebrate the anniversary everrrrr-y months! Help me, I am UP, USIA PANICK!! That´s in Indonesian =)

I miss to hear someone asks me

This time if someone asks, I won´t refuse. Everything I can get ROTFL

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