Thursday, 8 July 2010

Late Night Photos

I couldn't sleep because I started sleeping at about 7 this evening, so I woke up at 12 and checked my email/facebook or whatever in the internet. I also charged my ipod and cell phone. It's been dead for 3 days - what a lazy pig! Then I received a message from my BF (best friend not boyfie), it was said " Rut, please teach me how to blog". Well, I just love blogging day to day, I think it's one of the way to transfer what's on my mind. Honestly I have a lots of thoughts, things that I want to put them somewhere. I am newbie at this stuff, but I have also tumblr, if you want to visit - it's more a place to put only photos without long texts. Then I realized this is what I like, writing, taking picture - way to be a journalist and writter B) And I took those picture this evening, coincidentally - it all seemed so girlish and pinkish purple-ish B) A really nice midnight post!

The most girly things in the world, they don't mean to be with men!

Pink and Purple

Imagination is more important...

Art is so broad, only open minded people who wont judge it

See it with a very special eyes!

p.s: Those pictures look so alive at midnight like this!

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