Saturday, 10 July 2010


Lintang and Lola,xo

I just invented words. Mall-ing means a verb to go to mall. That thing can be considered as a habbit for Indonesian teenagers, a "big not" thing to be proud of. Well, to be honest - I don't spend my weekend at malls, I'm not a big going out. My Saturday night seems perfect with DVDs, food delivery and popcorns. I go to mall if I had a purpose; eating, watching, shopping. I'd prefer meet up at somebody's house or cafe, because mall treats people to be super consumptive. And, I still use my parent's money - so I just feel guilty, even they're ok with that. But, yesterday I went there to attend Brightspot. Look up one or two things for my daily wear. And I'm looking for a dress to attend my uncle wedding on September.
Food, One best thing about mall, they provide so many restaurants with great choices and atmosphere. So, I went to my favourite cheescake shop, MAQUI'S - it's a Japanesse. I love it so much. I just knew it when I went with my cousin last month after my arrival here. And I just love it. MAQUI'S is the best!

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