Monday, 14 June 2010

A cool ethnic "Indonesian" shop in Trieste!

Well, after finishing shopping at H&M then we went, but first we stopped to this really adorable ethnic shop then we came in. Then since I entered that shop I got a feeling that these things must have been brought from Indonesia - because I saw a lot of those stuffs, but at that time I haven't really touched things. Then we saw this really fabulous gladiator dang, then my friend looked at the back of it was written '' Made In Indonesia, handcraft" woo-hoo. And also some fabulous bags from coconut trees, and I think even it was not written the bangles too.

This is one of the thing that made me proud as an Indonesian, that we are actually a pool of a lot of creative people - we reuse, recycle trashes into beautiful things - it's only a matter of enterpreneruship and how we have a leader that can manage all this creativity into a profitable bussiness that can be a trademark, maybe I will be the one! Also the fact that thousands of teenagers/adults that really aware of fashion - especially the one in my city, Jakarta. I just googled this thing and

and feel good that Jakarta was compared with Berlin, Amsterdam, Toronto, Sydney as the city that are not blind of fashion. And when I came to European brand such as Zara and H&M, I found that all the stuffs that they displayed has been a trend in my country from last year, which means that we knew and enjoyed it before everybody else in Europe do - yeah because our fashion sense are pretty American, which I like, such as: harem pants, platform shoes, gladiator, statement necklaces, fringe bags/shoes.

And I am going to Bali this summer (what a paradise life after living in beautiful country like Italy then spending summer in Bali), am pretty sure that I would find lots of those darn stunning yet cheap stuffs there (oh definitely Bali has the most briliant and edgy designers) that's why you should go to Indonesia! Because we are special and creative! Also:

1. We have beautiful beaches, it's the world's most beautiful and biggest archipelago

2. We have hot a boys with sex appeal and exotically-diverse tanned girls!

3. You'll got lots of rupiahs and everything here is pretty cheap and cheerful

4. We have lots of cool and sophisticated night clubs and night life

5. We are so nice, smiley and friendly - especially when see blondes - they just gonna love you and treat you the best!

6. The food are amazing! O mio Dio, It irresistible =) Can't wait to be home to eat all of them

7. We have a really good taste of music, cool bands, cool festivals!

Come come come - i invited you!

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