Sunday, 7 February 2010


When I was younger, I love to imagine a lot how my future love life would be. I wanted to marry my childhood best friend. Ok, I won’t mention name, but here is the story. I met this man on kindergarten. I remember I had a crush on him so much at that time. You know when you were young you didn’t think that far on every single thing you do- but me- I do realize what I did to him. During the break, I just was being around him. When the break was over, we supposed to line like a train and holding somebody’s hand. And I moved near to him but I pretend that I didn’t want to hold his hand but actually did.

Once, we have a class photo. I just stood next to him and voila, till now on, in that photograph, my name was written next to him. Then after graduate kindergarten, we studied in different school. Six years after finished elementary school, coincidently we went to the same secondary school, we get along really well. BUT things changed. I didn’t like him anymore, sadly one of my friend said that he had a crush on me until the end of 7th grade, but I didn’t realize that, and I was so sad when I knew that and I almost cried, maybe I did.

The more interesting thing is that our parents are friends since university. And yeah because of this fact, I wondered it must be really cool to marry him. Our parents know each other, we have a lot memory together (don’t forget the kindergarten photo’s – it would be great to put it inside invitation) ha-ha ;) and I was thinking it was a SIGN! But it is no longer happening in my mind.

AND now – I completely change my mind. After living 18 years, I can now can think maturely (the story above is so childlike). Ok lemme get you the intro. .
The world is big. There are millions people in the world that you don’t know and haven’t seen yet. They have different culture, knowledge, background, point of view and everything just different. Physically, them who live in the western part of the world and eastern part of the world are completely different (hair is quite good determinant for this)!

Based on this reason (ehem) here we come to the serious part of the story. I want to marry a guy, that I completely have no idea that I am going to see, meet, and know this guy is exist which is really contrast story from the previous 5 years. In a way that we came from a very different part of the world, culture, and physically not have anything in common (oh yeah nose, hair color, eyes color – skin hmmm – could be included – I’m not that dark though).

Childhood - hmmm - I dont want to grow up :)

Isn’t great that you can talk about anything that distinguish you both and you will never get bored because you both are just too different (even them who have the same culture still have a lot of things to talk). And also you will build such a diverse family, meeting two different cultures together, hmm interesting. And no wonder, you will have such a really little cute baby – that has a really unique face!

Well it can be to early talking about marriage now! But it is just fun talking about future and love. Valentine’s Day is coming baby! Hmm maybe until Valentine’s day I’m going to fill my blog with everything that connected to love… Cause I just went back from Verona! And saw Juliet's house and I will write a special post about this :) CIAO!

This is exactly 5 years ago photo, when I met him
And Let us see the next 5 years . . . Will I meet the man I expected?

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