Sunday, 29 April 2012

Texas Sun, So Much Fun!

I just got back from Texas this morning at 10 pm. We drove 20 hours non-stop. Texas was ridonkelously awesome! I had a big deal amount of fun! The weather was always nice and sunny. It was such a perfect gateway!

I went there with a group of students from Wartburg College for a service trip with Habitat for Humanity. We thought we were going to build the house from scratch but it was almost the end product. But everybody worked really hard even tough we expected more!

We volunteered everyday from 7-12am. So we had free time after then and went to the beach. In Corpus Christi they have really good beach areas. The first one that we went was more touristic and downtown, the other one that we went for a couple of time was called CC Beach. CC Beach is purty. The beach was pristine! It was like a private beach. 

We also went to Texas State Aquarium and the last day we had dinner at the Big Fisherman Restaurant at Port Aransas. geez, the seafood platter that I ordered was HUGE!!! I could not finish it. I swear. 

I definitely will join another service trip this year, especially places like Alabama, Florida and such!

School on Monday! May Term, Play Term!

kiss and love, 

You still have to dress nicely even tough you are going to work like a man!
Shades: Rayban, Headpiece: Wallgreen - can you believe that?
Melaku took this picture. He said he wanted to make it look like in a dessert.

Fringe top: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Lei, Bikinis: OP

Dress: H&M, necklace: local Texas store

After Dolphin show!

Gelato shop!


Seafood platter!

Bought the headband and the necklace at Jypsy's Treasurer, a vintage store right across the place where we stayed! Good hunt!!

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