Monday, 18 April 2011

Pretty in White

I just did a quick photo-id which ended up as a quick photo-shoot. Basically I was helping my friend in the college to make her ID. She is a wonderful girl, got into Yale. I worked with her too last year, with my other friend, Anya, to be the models for my portfolio, that I sent for my Art Supplement. The setting was in Porto.

I was trying to direct her in so many ways. It is actually one of the cool thing of being a photographer you style your model and communicate with them, on poses you want them to do.

This photo session was super simple. We didn't even use the studio-light since it is not working, we also found it difficult to avoid the shadow cause by the sun, but with a little bit touch of Photoshop it was managed.

This photo above was inspired by MaxMara or Max&Co ads that I saw in Bologna. The photographer tries to impose a technique that he takes the picture from above, therefore the face is exposed.

This is my favorite pose of all the idea is to make her put her hands up, however I asked her to make a curve and therefore it looks extremely girly.

I am planning to make one more planned photosession with a super stylish clothes after the IB exam, something really Italian, something really shows this location, Duino. Let's first deal with the IB exam, shall I? Yes.

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