Saturday, 11 September 2010

Hello I am back in Italy

Haven't blogged for such a long time, no? Yeah, college life is just treating me busy. Studying has not really started tho, but so many insignificant stuffs to do. Anyway, I am back in Ital. y since last 28th of August. The first days, I spent it by picking up primi. The Thai, The Indo and the East Timor. I went to Venice for three times in a week, less in a week even more, about 5 days. You think I am going there to see the beautiful gondolas? Uh, uh, NOPE. I took a direct train and bus to Venice Marcopolo Airport, two in a row for 6 hours everyday, went back and forth. But yeah that cheesy moment waiting for primi is over. Just want to give you a very short information about things in college now.

1 I live in Foresteria with Sne and Nora as my roommates.
2. We did Intro show and first open Mike already.
3. I love my fabulous friends Ilana, Anya, Urska, Hilda, Sne and Nora (we just had a sushi day out last night!!).
4. Hmmm, what else? I enjoy it so much.

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