Friday, 20 August 2010

Jakarta - Frankfurt

Can not believe three days ago I was still in Jakarta!

Hello. I am now in Frankfurt. I just flew from Italy, which the day before I just arrived from Jakarta. I had such a adventurous yet stressing day yesterday...

I had a bad-bad day yesterday. Came to take care my permesso too early, come back again and had to wait 10 numbers long, missed the 5pm train, the 6.19 train was arrived late therefore missed the last bus to Treviso Airport, asking avery nice Italian woman to pick me up to the airport, welcomed by a really long line to check in, caught I was bringing a camera bag outside,meeting a really nice random Mexican guy who talked a lot and smelled like weed on the plane, get off from the airport found out that Germany was cold likewinter,was transferred to the other bus because the bus was broken and soon on.. Anyway, here I am safely just had breakfast at mygrandparents´ house, eating Nasi goreng!



(taken from my Facebook note)

;-) So from now on, my blogs will smell about Europe and my life back in Italy. And put it at very first place, to inspire you all. Hope you keep on updates!

View from my bedroom in Frankfurt.

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