Thursday, 26 August 2010

Forgive Your Daughter Again

These beautiful dresses were sold in the Bock and Schülsser, the wedding warehouse we went today.
Not affordable for a student like ME.

Dear mom and dad, I will study harder this year I promise and make you two proud of me

I think I am lucky when it comes to good and cheap stuffs. Shopping is not my hobby, I buy things that I need. It is important to change the mindset. I love shopping, I love shopping - No, you don't! I need them, therefore I shop! That's how to make shopping as something smart. I shop if there are sales, if not I´d better save my money. Well, by realizing how many things I've bought these 7 days, I realized that it is not easy to earn money and hold them. I want to work! Work on something that I love and enjoy and I get privileges

from my job. I don't know, maybe discounts or buy one get one free. Work in a great magazine or newspaper or tv channel. Something that is pleasant for me. So far I just can say thanks mom and dad for everything, I will find a way to repay - make you two proud of me =)

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