Monday, 14 June 2010

My Best 18th Birthday , YES LEGAL!


It was the first time I celebrate my birthday abroad with new people, away from family, best friend and home.


At 12.00 pm when I was sleeping my roommates and some of my neighbor from my residence called Foresterians came, playing music and singing a song , and then I didn't wake up immediately (simply because I sleep like forever). Then we ate cake.

Then when I wake up in the morning, I saw my facebook, my classmate in my former school uploaded photos in an album called A Tribute to Rut Setio Nastiti, basically the album consisted photos of my friends holding a greeting paper that they made! It was Andri Putri the thinker.

Then in the afternoon my friends Ieva,Tereza & Ben made a bouquet of balloons with greetings written on it. At night I am having dinner with all my Asian second years. It was just amazing!

She is Andri! I'm so happy that we are going to meet again in the USA I hope (in a year)

Tiblo, the silly girl in the group


JB the wise one

Nyonyo the creative one

Ceha, my basketball pal!

Haha, you can see her name from the name tag! She is the most talkative one!

Dono, the fashionista!

Githa, the cheerful one!

Nini, my pillow! Love you sweetie

Astrid, the most social one.

Tika, my captain in basketball!

Grace, the pinkest! She is studying in USA as well this year

Dira! Buddy!

Jeline, I had a fluffy coincidence with her

Lola! The hip-est!

Lintang, I have no word for her (in a good way)

Thanks everybody! I just remembered since that time I felt less homesick. Well now, I never ever feel homesick!

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