Friday, 18 June 2010

Verona, Juliet existed!

Yesterday, just went watching with my friends in Plaza Indonesia, one of the firsties mall that was built in Jakarta. As you know, ticket price of cinema in Europe is pretty expensive, for ten months during my study in Italy, I only watched one movie which was Avatar. And now, I'm home again - the feeling of watching movie is uncontainable! Last Friday, I watched Sex and the City (it was aweseome too, but haven't been to Abu Dhabi so, the feeling isn't as real as watching Letters to Juliet) and yesterday was LETTERS to Juliet.

The shooting was in Verona, and just let you know that I've been there. I went there on 6th February 2010, couples of months ago. It's 3 hours riding by bus from our little village Duino. Verona isn't that big. They have a really big amplitheatre there. My World Art and Culture teacher said that, thousand years ago, the Roman Soldier fought in the midlle of the theatre, showing the pride they had and power. The city was also famous because Dante Alighieri was born there. They have the statue of Dante in one of their piazza. The biggest piazza called Piazza delle Ebere, was the centered of blast of the city. It was exactly how it looked in the Letters to Juliet.

Near the piazza, there is this road where Casa di Giuletta is there! The wall of the corridor was full of note papers that people sticked on it, colorful yet messy! And yeah, the goldish statue of Juliet, where mostly all the men having their picture while touching Juliet's breast! Oh, man, you guys are always! No judging!

About the movie, Letters to Juliet! It successfully made me laugh like there is no tomorrow. The things are now different and would not have happened if it were one or two years ago, I am living in the country and I live with the gesture of the people, I live with them and surely know by heart how warmly funny they are. SO, when it comes to a film that has a lot of conversation showing how passionate those Italian people, I just enjoyed. Amanda Seyfried it so nice, and Christopher Egan wasn't the most handsome actor in the world, but he acted really good,with his charming British accent. I enjoyed the movie, it showed a lot of scenery and cultures of Italy.

And yeah! Again and again, I'm so thankful that I study in United World College of Adriatic. I was destined to enjoy, learn and explore the beauty of Italy! When I was about 8, I was crazy about Italian football national team! I always love bruschetta! My mom often brought me spaghetti for lunch! I know all those hotties: Cannavaro, Coco, Inzaghi, Buffon, Nesta - and I loved Intermilan so much! And now, I am just there, living in their country! Italy will always be my favourite country in the world, this is a country that makes you fall in love with so easily. I definitely will put Italy as my honeymoon destionation in the future, after Bali and some beautiful and romanticly breezy spots in Indoenesia.

that's the only thing I can think of at the moment. Love from family is the truest love in the world, is the love that I can call home.

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