Monday, 14 June 2010

Hapy birthday my dear friend

Hello, people remember this ..

So, basically my best friend, Angelina Andriani Putri made me an album called Tribute to Rut Setio Nastiti for my 18th Birthday, as the matter of fact I've moved to Italia and couldn't celebrate my 18th birthday with my schoolmates. Then now, the one who planned it, Andri Putri is having a birthday today, 19th of May - so now it is my time to make her happy ( well I was so happy at that time because I was super homesick and sad not celebrating my b day with people I love). And yeah, it doubles, greetings from people all over the world! Well I should have taken more tough, but I hope she likes it!

In my language, Indonesian means "Happy Birthday My Dear Andri"

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