Wednesday, 6 January 2010


La Mila Padrera, Gaudi, Barcelona

Amplitheater in Croatia

Cagliari, Sardegna

FRANKFURT Finally, I posted something in my blog. You know what at first I was so excited to fill this whitey things cause I want to write and share so many thing.. BUT I just forgot it and had no time to do those things. Then I realize that I used to have that spirit, SPIRIT OF A BLOGGER and it's new year SO I have to make a resolution about this blog, remember my first BE AN INSPIRATION soooooooooo Yay! I just want to share what I had done during my last post (which is on 12th of September till now) But generally I want to share my feeling about EUROPE. I've been to some places: Pula (Croatia) for Opening Cermony, Cagliari, Sardegna (Italy) for Long Weekend, then Barcelona (Spain) for Street Perfomance and now Frankfurt and Offenbach (Germany), staying at my grandparents' house. Well let me just post some pictures first about those places that I visited cause now I am not in the mood of writting (well, actually this is the worst factor why I never updated my blod ; NOT IN THE MOOD) but I can asure you that this would be the last lazinees , ok? BUT by this post I just want to say that EUROPE is an ABSOLUTE CONTINENT that you have to visit before you die ( hmmm, hiperbolising things) but it is true. So many beautiful places to go, in the same time you can find an old city and its modern area, and yeah they speak different languange in every country and it brings you new perspective of learning language Here we go ... (ups the pictures are above)

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