Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sejla Trebo: She Got the 90's Vibe

The shoot was a lot of fun. For Sejla herself, it is her first time to do a photosession with a 90's setting. So I had to direct her by giving her clue such as "Okay, your getting caught. Give the money to me,". None of our real life Sejla's and mine are close to this. For me, the only 90's things I posses are my high-waist-all-time costume/"put the clothes inside the pants" style and my UK pop rock bands playlist.  But this is what makes it very interesting, to capture the essence of the 90's life. But anyhow, she already had the look and I had the closet. We worked it out! Big thanks to Sunny who let us to take picture at his store and gave use story idea about stealing alcohol!

p.s: Sejla is above 21 years old :)

Kiss and Love,


  1. wow...fucking perfect

  2. great great great work!!!

  3. Šike i love u :D

    1. mostarac/mostarka :) i <3 u 2


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